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Re: [leafnode-list] tin: "Can't retrieve active" with 1.9.49.rel + 1.9.51.rel

Martin Klaiber schrieb am 2004-03-31:

> tin gives me the error-message: "Can't retrieve active" when I run
> it on leafnode versions 1.9.49.rel and 1.9.51.rel. Up to 1.9.43.rel
> everything was ok. I didn't try out the versions inbetween.

Are you running tin in NNTP mode?

Have you run "texpire" recently?

I have just tried tin (run as "rtin") on leafnode 1.9.52.rc13, without
problem. I am not aware of having fixed active-file related bugs that
might have killed rtin.

> I tried out tin versions 1.5.12, 1.5.17 and 1.7.0. All work fine

These are developer versions.

> with leafnode-1.9.43 or lower, but none works with the two versions
> mentioned above. Is this more likely a tin- oder leafnode-problem?

Unknown. Please capture an NNTP trace (either set debugmode=3 or check
the tin debug options - may require recompilation) and show relevant

Matthias Andree

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