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[leafnode-list] [Leafnode-announce] Leafnode 1.9.52.rel released (STABLE) - important bugfixes

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                 leafnode 1.9.52.rel has been released.

Leafnode 1.9.52.rel fixes lots of bugs, see the detailed report below.

Among the bugs fixed are "texpire does not expire when a malicious user
has created hard links"(*), "fetchnews unsubscribes from low-traffic
groups", broken time zone handling, too wide ranges in article re-fetch
after abort and in NEWGROUPS handling, handling of upstream servers with
multiple servers.

(*) No separate announcement will be issued because the exploitation of
this bug requires that the user has write access somewhere on the same
partition as the news spool lives in, so he has simpler means to fill up
the disk than instrumenting leafnode. Leafnode does not condone such
tricks however and not rely solely on the hard link count any more.

All users of older leafnode-1.9 series versions should update.

A binary RPM for Linux with glibc 2.2 and i486 or compatible processors
is provided. It also requires a package providing libpcre.so.0 and xinetd.

Leafnode 1.9.52 is or will become available in .tar.bz2 format from these sites:

o SourceForge -- also has binary RPM and upgrade source patch


o Dortmund University -- also has binary RPM, .tar.gz and upgrade source patch

o IBiblio/MetaLab (will take some days to pick up) -- has FTP sites
   Check the system/news/transport directory

Not all sites carry all files, the .tar.bz2 is available everywhere,
the upgrade patch is available everywhere except IBiblio.

Below are file checksums and the NEWS file excerpt, with changes since
the previous release.  The full ChangeLog ships with the tarballs and
can be viewed at http://home.pages.de/~mandree/leafnode/ChangeLog.txt

Have fun,
Matthias Andree, Leafnode maintainer

SHA1 checksums:
49f22bd3685ab7d3d103a9ba6364d930d535eafb *leafnode-1.9.52.rel.tar.bz2
1291a1224f951cefbccd0333393cc520109606f1 *leafnode-1.9.52.rel.tar.gz
4ccc1c6b3f3cff9948eb127b0f4de47ee9a5549e *upgrade-1.9.51-to-1.9.52.diff.gz

MD5 checksums:
c400680e5a59d1df95f193dd9ad95832 *leafnode-1.9.52.rel.tar.bz2
4fbfb031becc60a2a72f7e2f01fda01e *leafnode-1.9.52.rel.tar.gz
bcaa96b0cbac5bf55f1429464a19ec6a *upgrade-1.9.51-to-1.9.52.diff.gz

File sizes:
690430 leafnode-1.9.52.rel.tar.bz2
847225 leafnode-1.9.52.rel.tar.gz
 99308 upgrade-1.9.51-to-1.9.52.diff.gz

NEWS since previous release:

(these are detailed below)
+ Texpire is now robust against hard link attacks that try to prevent expiry.
+ Fetchnews has more complete timeout handling and a new timeout_fetchnews
  global configuration option.
+ Low-traffic, subscribed groups will not expire any more.
+ Time zone handling was rewritten from scratch once again and dropped in all
  places where it isn't essential, to fix complaints and bogus data.
+ A bug that cause excessive article considerations after a fetch had to be
  aborted fixed was fixed.
+ only_groups_pcre fixes for crosspostings, adds a new option
+ A bug that caused active persistent re-downloads for upstreams running on a
  non-standard server was fixed. The NEWGROUPS range now only spans the time
  since the last fetchnews run.
+ Bugfixes were made to connecting to upstream servers with multiple IPs.
+ Quickmkdir is no longer part of the installation procedure. Leafnode
  programs will create missing directories on their own.
+ The user account leafnode processes run under is now configurable at compile
  time, to aid OpenBSD packaging.

+ Bugfix: "GROUP s" will now mark the group interesting iff it is interesting.
  This avoids premature unsubscription from low-traffic groups.
  Backported from leafnode-2. Reported by Oliver Brakmann.
+ Cleanup: Logging has been overhauled. It is now more consistent, prefixes
  are the server or group name where applicable, prefixes error: for errors
  and warning: for warnings.  Timeout and other line reading problems now
  appear in the debug log with "ERROR:" on the line for easy retrieval with
  grep, the end of file is also logged as "< (EOF)". The "skipping (filename),
  not complete" message was demoted from LOG_NOTICE to LOG_INFO severity
+ Change: fetchnews now uses timeout_fetchnews rather than timeout_client when
  waiting for a server's NNTP status response.
  (this includes a documentation fix provided by David Houlden)
+ Cleanup: Time zone information for generated headers was unreliable and has
  been dropped. We'll create the Date: header in GMT.

+ Bugfix: checkgroups can now read the checkgroups file from a path relative
  to the current working directory.
+ Bugfix: fetchnews will wait no more than five minutes (configurable through
  the new timeout_fetchnews parameter) for a server response that is not a
  NNTP status.
+ Bugfix: fetchnews will not kill the group's high watermarks when it has to
  abort the fetch. It will leave a snapshot file behind that is merged on the
  next run for the server that failed.
  The bug was introduced into 1.9.50 and discovered by Bastian Blank.
+ Bugfix: "server does not carry Newsgroups:" log message only printed the
  first group name rather than all.
+ Bugfix: when posting, the first newsgroup in a Newsgroups:-header of a
  cross-posted article that was NOT matched by only_groups_pcre stopped the
  search for further articles that might still be on the server.
  Reported by Joshua Crawford.
+ Bugfix: log exact reason why a fetchnews connection has failed.
+ Bugfix: try all IPs of a host even when the connection one of them failed.
+ Bugfix: send MODE READER first, then try to authenticate.
+ Bugfix: add missing error messages for NNTP connection and DATE reply
+ Bugfix: Proceed to next IP when a server name has multiple IPs attached when
  the greeting doesn't arrive or the upstream runs NNTPcache V2.3.
+ Bugfix: Do not fetch the full newsgroup list on every fetchnews run when the
  upstream runs on a non-standard port. Reported by Cory C. Albrecht and
  confirmed by Joshua Crawford. This is a fix-up for a half-baked bugfix that
  went into leafnode 1.9.29 that was supposed to support multiple servers with
  the same name but different port (necessary for ssh tunnels for instance).
+ Bugfix: Plugged a memory leak, the memory allocated for a only_group_pcre
  compiled PCRE was never freed.
+ Bugfix: "illegal" articles are truncated to zero size and no longer given
  out, to avoid sending dangerous content to clients.
+ Bugfix: Zero-size check was not applied when an article was opened by
+ Bugfix: texpire relied on the hard link count to expire articles. Any user
  could defeat expiry by creating a hard link to an article file, preventing
  expiry of certain articles, so that the spool partition could fill up in the
  long run. However, the user who can perform this attack can usually fill up
  the disk directly (without instrumenting leafnode), so no security
  announcement shall be issued. Code has been added to force expiry via the
  Message-ID, rather than by hard link count.
+ Bugfix: the date check stopped working when DST was in effect.
  Replaced by timegm() function from Heimdal/Kerberos IV, calculations are now
  done in GMT rather than fiddling with the GMT offset.
  Caused lots of bogus "check your system clock" warnings.
+ Bugfix: Do not fetch newgroups since last full active fetch, but rather
  since last NEWGROUPS.
+ Bugfix: leafnode: do not send warnings (for instance about misconfiguration,
  when maxage is too large) to stderr, some super servers send them to the
  client. Reported by Martin Klaiber.
+ Cleanup: Some internal variables have been renamed to avoid name clashes
  with library functions (Ralf Wildenhues).
+ Cleanup: getline.c now includes string.h to avoid compiler warnings
  (Ralf Wildenhues).
+ Cleanup: After connection failure, the connection is properly shutdown with
  nntpdisconnect() or nntpquit() rather than a half-baked shutdown(2).
+ Portability: quickmkdir will not start the file name with a double slash.
  Patch sent by A. Alper Atici.

+ Feature: The fetchnews server respone timeout is now independent of nntpd's
  client timeout.
+ Feature: New server option only_groups_match_all to make only_groups_pcre
  more restrictive with respect to posting, with this option on, ALL groups of
  a crossposting must match the PCRE rather than ANY before a post goes to the
  server that defines this option.
+ Feature: fetchnews supports a new -w option to force the XOVER updater
  process to run in the foreground rather than detached.
+ Portability: The user and group name that used to be hardcoded to "news" are
  now configurable, to support the OpenBSD policy of prefixing daemon and
  system users with an underscore character, "_". Use --with-user and
  --with-group options to ./configure.
  Based on patches by Cory C. Albrecht.
+ Documentation: README now explains the difference between news.debug and
  news.=debug in syslog.conf and recommends the former.
+ Safety: multiple configurations for the same server and port now cause an
  abort. Leafnode cannot handle fetching for multiple users per single server.
+ Consistency: debugmode >= 1 now logs sent NNTP commands. (debugmode = 2 was
  needed before for sent commands and = 1 for received replies)
+ Consistency: all leafnode processes will now generate needed directories
  on start-up. This effectively eliminates the need for quickmkdir, which
  will continue to be built in order not to break existing packaging scripts.
  Also helps Cygwin portability (which requires further patches that do not
  ship with leafnode and are currently maintained by A. Alper Atici).
+ Feature: debugmode >= 2 now logs - at LOG_DEBUG priority - decisions why an
  article is posted or skipped for a particular server in the light of
  only_groups* options.
+ Efficiency: the migrate() function caused a lot of unnecessary chdir()
+ Cleanup: The signal causing fetchnews to abort will now be logged.
+ Cleanup: suppress 'found no server with posting permission' in fetchnews
  when one or more servers have not been queried, suggested by Al Bogner.
+ Cleanup: when any server has not been queried by fetchnews, print a warning
  (unless -q is given) and log it.
+ Cleanup: suppress 'backing up from 1 to 12345' style messages in fetchnews.
+ Cleanup: texpire will now fix the group low water marks for pseudo groups,
  so that LIST ACTIVE output matches GROUP output.
+ Cleanup: config.example: The expire line is first, before the server line.
Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)


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