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Re: [leafnode-list] PAM Support does not work!!!

* "Jim Gifford" <maillist@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> But PAM should work in this manner. I use other programs with pam that
> read the shadow file. I will take a look at mod_auth_pam's code and
> try to compare it to your code and see what the difference is.


the problem about PAM is it's bad documentation. I printed it out read
throughoutly, however there seem to be more stuff - undocumented.

The way I do the authentification, it works when the software runs with
root-privileges. I'll try to have a further look either (I've just came
home from vacation) and enhace it when it's possible.

If I don't find some more documentation about PAM I'll consider to write
one (or at least enrich the old one).

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