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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems with 1.9.52-rel

Andrew Cranson schrieb am 2004-04-05:

> >> Do the filters block groups from downloading to the server, or do they
> download to server and just not let the user download from server?
> (e.g. /etc/leafnode/filters)
> >
> > They prevent _articles_ from being downloaded (with the exception of
> only_group_pcre which masks non-matched groups from a particular server)
> I have the config file saying:
>  filterfile = /etc/leafnode/filters
> In /etc/leafnode/filters I have:
> ^Newsgroups:.*[ ]binaries$
> ^Newsgroups:.*[ ]binaries,
> ^Content-Type:.*(application|image|audio|video)/
> However, it is allowing posts in newsgroups with "binaries" in the name to
> have articles downloaded to the server - am I using the wrong syntax for
> this?

1. What are the [ ] good for? I don't believe they belong there. Check
   the PCRE documentation, and you can test your regular expressions
   with pcregrep:

   # simulate a posting's incomplete header:
   echo 'Newsgroups: some.binaries.i.do.not.want' >try
   # check - if it matches, you'll get a copy of the Newsgroups: line
   # if it doesn't match, no output:
   pcregrep '^Newsgroups:.*[ ]binaries$' try

   only_groups_pcre may be a more efficient approach to this goal - but
   watch out, you'll need rather complex regular expressions with
   lookbehind assertions and negation. The archives of the mailing list
   have some samples.

2. leafnode will download the header for these postings to decide if it
   wants the body of such postings, for Newsgroups and Content-Type
   headers are not cached in the overview data usually (and if they
   were, leafnode would not currently use such information).

Matthias Andree

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