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My server runs in a small partition (about 500MB) and mostly, this is fine.  I have tuned things to the point where it all runs fairly smoothly at about 250MB spool size.  In the end, all I've really done is set some short expire times for some of the binary groups that people read, and put a size limit on files in the alt.binaries.* groups to 200,000 bytes.

Just before the Easter break, the partition filled up, because someone had subscribed to a binary group on the Autodesk server, which has unusually good retention.  In the processs of fetching all the files in the group, the partition filled up.

Is there any way I can prevent this, without blocking the group or setting the global initial_fetch to a small value?  Filtering by size is not really an option, since I'd have to set the size quite small so that a year's worth of messages can be accomodated, and most attachments for the group are quite big, so that would render this group useless.

Ideally, I'd like to make it so that for this group, only a few days worth of articles are fetched, since my expiry for this group is set to 1 day, so most of the downloaded articles would be binned by the first texpire run.

I can't see any way of achieving this - any suggestions?  I run the 2.0.0 Alpha 20040119a version.

Thanks in advance.
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