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Re: [leafnode-list] duplicate articles

On Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 06:13:38PM +0200, Matthias Andree wrote:
> Rick Pasotto <rick@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Does leafnode not check for duplicate 'Message-ID:'? 
> Yes, it does.
> Which version of leafnode are you using?


> > My last poll downloaded approx 15000 articles (many going back to
> > last year) with the same Message-ID: that I've already got on my
> > system.
> Have you moved the spool since the first installation of leafnode? If
> so, have you run texpire since?

I run debian and all my installs/upgrades have been with apt-get.

> > (I don't expire articles from this group so that's why I still have
> > all the old articles.) I can understand re-getting old messages if
> > they had expired off my system, but in this case they had not.
> > What would be the easiest way of getting rid of the duplicates?
> texpire of a _recent_ leafnode version, that is 1.9.52 for the 1.9.X
> branch or the most current leafnode-2 alpha.

Here's the output of texpire. At the group level it shows only 1 article
deleted yet the summary show 16761. When I read news (with slrn) it
shows a total of 62975 articles in triangle.general. There are still
duplicate articles (same Message-ID but different article numbers).

tc:~# texpire -vvv
texpire 1.9.52.rel: verbosity level 3, debugmode 0, check mtime and atime
nc.charlotte.entertainment: low water mark 3, high water mark 31
nc.charlotte.entertainment: 0 articles deleted, 29 kept
nc.charlotte.alternate: low water mark 3, high water mark 10
nc.charlotte.alternate: 0 articles deleted, 8 kept
nc.charlotte.general: low water mark 5, high water mark 116
nc.charlotte.general: 0 articles deleted, 111 kept
nc.charlotte.forsale.misc: low water mark 3, high water mark 3
nc.charlotte.forsale.misc: 0 articles deleted, 1 kept
nc.charlotte.forsale.comp: low water mark 5, high water mark 13
nc.charlotte.forsale.comp: 0 articles deleted, 9 kept
nc.charlotte.forsale: low water mark 230, high water mark 283
nc.charlotte.forsale: 0 articles deleted, 53 kept
triangle.politics: low water mark 309, high water mark 860
triangle.politics: 0 articles deleted, 552 kept
triangle.general: never expires
triangle.general: low water mark 3, high water mark 63010
overview: empty group
cannot rmdir(/var/spool/news/overview): Directory not empty
comp.os.linux.announce: low water mark 1163, high water mark 1862
comp.os.linux.announce: 1 articles deleted, 699 kept
alt.org.toastmasters: never expires
alt.org.toastmasters: low water mark 2, high water mark 3188
Expiring message.id...
total: 16761 articles deleted, 1451 kept
wrote active file with 74295 lines

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