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[leafnode-list] leafnode-1.9.53.rc6 available (final candidate)

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leafnode 1.9.53 release candidate #6 is available at

It is the final release candidate, planned for release May 5th.
See the changes since 1.9.52 below.

It is available as .tar.bz2 source tarball
and as ready-to-go RPM for i486 compatible Linux machines with libpcre
or pcre installed and GNU libc 2.2.

Matthias Andree

Changes since 1.9.52:
+ Bugfix: do not re-authenticate if server requires authentication for the
  same command twice - to avoid an unterminated re-authentication loop.
+ Bugfix: Various error conditions now cause the problem to be logged.
+ Bugfix: Newly-added groups that are not in a server no longer cause
  fetchnews to proceed to the next server.
+ Bugfix: texpire did not repair the spool in archived groups
  (groupexpire some.news.group = -1) which caused duplicates and articles
  inaccessible by Message-ID after corruption. Reported by Dirk-Lüder Kreie.
+ Portability: One string was split for C89 conformance (string constants
  cannot exceed 509 characters).

+ Feature: fetchnews supports an environment variable, LN_SKIP_GROUPS, that is
  treated as a comma-separated list of wildmats, any match sufficient. All
  matching groups are skipped, so you can skip your binary groups during
  daytime, for instance. Don Geddis had complained a configuration cheat he'd
  been using had stopped working with one of the recent fixes. Let there be an
  official way to do things instead.
+ Feature: The time zone is back in leafnode-generated Date: headers, provided
  that the operating system provides a tm_gmtoff member in struct tm (BSD,
  GNU). Systems that don't offer this use GMT and report the time zone as
+ Feature: The environment variable LN_DEBUG is now read as an integer. The
  debug level is the greater of debugmode in the config file and the contents
  of LN_DEBUG.
+ Compatibility: support forgetful servers that require re-authentication
  often. Reported by Andrew Cranson.
+ Consistency: the try_lock() debug message now goes to stdout, and only in
  verbose mode. It used to be printed on stderr, unlike most of the other
  debug messages. Reported by Kieron Dunbar.
+ Consistency: "skipped group.name, not in only_groups_pcre" message is now
  prefixed with the server name.
+ Documentation: If the volunteered authentication early in a connection
  fails, add a log that this condition may have been caused by premature
  NOTE: authentication implementations differ a lot.
+ Documentation: The server= examples in config.example were revised and are
  now G-rated and end in domains that are guaranteed to not exist.
Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)

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