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Re: [leafnode-list] Filter subjects by wildcard

Mark wrote:
> I am trying to find a way to filter spam subjects by name and wild
> card. For instance this spam subject always starts with
> "Christina Aguilera caught back stage NUDE"
> The numbers at the end of the subject line always change which makes
> it difficult to keep adding new filters as below.
> ^Subject:.*Christina Aguilera caught back stage NUDE 1068*$
> ^Subject:.*Christina Aguilera caught back stage NUDE 2484*$
> ^Subject:.*Christina Aguilera caught back stage NUDE 2566*$
> Is there way to filter all posts, irregardless of the difference in
> the rest of the subject name of "Christina Aguilera".

For the examples you quote, just remove the number and the '$' (= matches
end of line) character:

^Subject:.*Christina Aguilera caught back stage NUDE

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