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Re: [leafnode-list] duplicate articles

When I brought this up before I really didn't try to fix it but today it
happened again. I got 15000+ new (actually old) articles in a newsgroup
than might have 100 on a heavy day. The excess are all old and are
duplicates of articles already in the spool.

So... I greped for all 'Message-ID:' lines in
/var/spool/news/triangle/general and then sorted the list to find
duplicates. As an example, for one Message-ID: there were four article
numbers (22541, 48144, 64954, and 90861). Running diff on those four
showed that the only difference was the X-Ref: line which had the
appropriate article id. However, the link in
/var/spool/news/message-id/xxx was to the most recent article only. So,
it looks like instead of rejecting a duplicate it is simply being
overridden. Now I could go through triangle/general and delete all files
with a link count of one but that would leave the one with the most
recent time stamp and therefore the highest article number and that
would not be correct and would leave my .newsrc file screwed.

Another problem I'm having and it may be related. When I ask slrn to
retrieve a parent article I'm told that it doesn't exist unless it
happens to be marked as unread. In other words, leafnode is not able to
fetch by Message-ID.

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