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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems posting with leafnode after auth

Surlignage Mark Brown <broonie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> > I've tested the installation of this debian package but it can not
> satisfied
> > some dependancies (like libc6 or libpcre3), and in fact I don't want to
> break my
> > debian woody system :(
> That's a sid package - the woody backport is under

ouch ! 

>   http://www.projectcolo.org.uk/~broonie/apt

Ok that sounds good.

> (which you can use as an apt source if you wish to track current
> versions of the backport).  The backport is out of date at the minute
> but more current than what you're using.

That's right ! Thanx a lot.

What's the line I must add in my source.list in order to apt and track versions
of the backport ?

Thanx for your time.

JUL, JUL@xxxxxxxxxx
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