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Re: [leafnode-list] Downloading headers and bodies separately

ivanova <flamingivanova@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm using leafnode and pan as a newsreader. Leafnode is configured to
> initially just download the headers. I'm still on slow dialup so I usually
> mark the messages I want to read, and download them. With the next
> fetchnews the bodies are downloaded. 
> There are two problems with this. Pan doesn't recognise the new messages
> and I can't turn off the cache. I have to close pan to empty the cache and
> then the whole message shows up. So not that big a problem
> My second problem is that I can't distinguish between messages who's
> bodies are downloaded from messages without bodies.

> Is there some way to mark the messages in some way? Any tips or
> recommendations?


I've filed a bug report for Pan more than three months ago, no-one even
cared to open the bug. I'd suggest to grab one of the Pan hackers and
seat him in front of the report so it gets fixed. 

Until then, you'll have to use a different newsreader.

Tin (in NNTP mode) works for me.

Matthias Andree

Encrypted mail welcome: my GnuPG key ID is 0x052E7D95
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