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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode-1.10.1.rel: fetchnews runs once only without rebooting.

Doug Laidlaw <laidlaws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I just installed leafnode-1.10.1.rel-1.i486.rpm on  a Mandrake 9.2 system.  If 
> I run fetchnews twice without rebooting in between, I get a message "Cannot 
> obtain lockfile, aborting."  I have gone back to my previous installation 
> (1.9.52) for the time being.

That would be a hint that your fetchnews process hasn't completed and
hangs. I'd need a stack backtrace from the hanging process, see the FAQ
at http://leafnode.sourceforge.net/doc_en/FAQ.html#id2798364 for details.

You'll probably need to compile leafnode from source to achieve that

First check if you have a ~/.rpmmacros file (create an empty one if you
don't have it) and add this line:

optflags: i586 -O -g -march=i586

Then, download the .bz2 tarball and try
rpm -tb --target=i586 leafnode-1.10.1.rel.tar.bz2
(You may need to use rpmbuild instead if you have RPM 4.)

Matthias Andree

Encrypted mail welcome: my GnuPG key ID is 0x052E7D95
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