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[leafnode-list] leafnode2 rnews


 I see, leafnode-rnews does not read news batches from pipes?
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       Rnews is the program that sorts files  (possibly  received  with  UUCP)
       into  your  newsspool.   Rnews can currently take compressed and uncom
       pressed news batches as well as news articles.  Rnews will avoid  copy-
       ing the file around and is able to read from a stream. To achieve this,
       it may fork() twice and spawn an external decompressor.  Rnews  expects
       the  news  batch  either  in a file, directory or on stdin. If provided
       with the name of a directory, it will open the directory and  sort  all
       files  inside this directory into the news spool. Rnews will not recur-
       sively descend through directories.
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