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Re: [leafnode-list] Restoring Hard Links - Texpire

on 6/29/04 10:08 AM, Matthias Andree at ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> "Jeff Grossman" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Let me go look at the logs today, because Texpire ran this morning.  Yup,
>> once again, I have tons of restored hard links in my log this morning.
>> Let me know if there is anything I can do.  Otherwise, I might just kill the
>> spool and start over.  I would prefer to not do that, but if nothing else
>> works.
> OK, so there is some bug. Running texpire twice, the 2nd run shouldn't
> need to make any changes except when a posting has just expired, which
> would be few.
> The current leafnode-2 texpire may fail to restore links for
> crosspostings, and the groups might then compete for the cross-posted
> articles.
> Does this patch improve the situation? It's a forward-port of a
> leafnode-1 texpire bugfix. Apply the patch, then recompile and
> reinstall, and run texpire twice. The 2nd run shouldn't print any
> "restored hard link" messages.
<Patch Snipped>

The patch appeared to work.  The second Texpire I ran did not have any
restored hard link messages.  I will let you know if, for some reason, they
appear on my Thursday morning Texpire run.

Thanks for the quick fix.


Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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