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Re: [leafnode-list] only_groups

LnX schrieb am 2004-07-10:

> > El viernes 09 de julio a las 18:12, LnX escribió:
> >> only_groups = ^(fr|alt.fr)\.
> >
> > 	Shouldn't that be only_groups_pcre?
> I tried both, and it is the same error message.
> Maybe this option is no more available in leafnode 2 ?

It is available in leafnode 2, but you will have to use the latest
"alpha" version, 2.0b8 is much older. Look here:


Yes, the alpha/beta stuff is confusing, so just look at the date which
is part of the file name. You should find an alpha version from May
there that offers the option you are looking for.

Matthias Andree

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