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Re: [leafnode-list] inaccurate response to GROUP command

> > The problem is-- my newsreader doesn't use "GROUP" to check for new article 
> > it uses "LIST ACTIVE".  My newsreader only uses "GROUP" if I enter the grou 
> > which I only do if there's new articles.
> Which newsreader are you using? What does it do when the server doesn't
> support LIST ACTIVE? (It's in RFC-2980, not RFC-977, and hence not
> mandatory.)

An Xwindows antiquity -- knews.
When LIST ACTIVE isn't supported, it falls back to GROUP.

> How does this patch look to you?
> It should apply fine on top of all 1.10.X versions.

Okay, but it doesn't do anything if the group is empty.  I subscribe to some 
groups that are currently empty and I'd like it to keep them marked 
interesting as well.

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