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Re: [leafnode-list] Filtering out spam

[re-sending mail to list now that Doug has re-sent his mail to the list]

On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Doug Laidlaw wrote:

> So far, i have only tested running my Inbox through the filter after it is 
> downloaded.  My newsreader is Knode.  After the operation, when I look with 
> Knode, the item is still listed in the GUI, but the article is no longer 
> there.   I get the same result as where leafnode has deleted a stale message, 
> but Knode's own delete mechanism hasn't deleted its listing yet.

AFAIK, KNode caches headers, so it may not notice if it has been removed
a posteriori (i. e. applyfilter run later than KNode fetching new

> I click on the item, and I get a message that it is no longer there,
> and I can try Google Groups.  Since the behaviour is exactly parallel,
> it would seem that it is a problem with Knode's index, not with
> Leafnode.  I can delete them individually, but not automatically.
> The reason for wanting it is that the body of the message is simply a
> virus, but the <Subject:> line offends my wowserish sensitivities.  If
> the line remains in Knode's list,  there is no point in deleting the
> message. 

I wonder how the headers make it through to KNode when leafnode deletes
the posting though. Filters apply to the headers in the first place, so
delaybody may spoil such filtering if they trigger on the body. If
delaybody off, it must either be KNode fetching from another site or
leafnode's filter not catching the offensive post.

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