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[leafnode-list] about which groups get read from and posted to a server

Hello all,

I was just thinking about my post only server dilemma and I cam up with 
this idea:

Instead of only_groups_pcre, one could have post_groups_pcre and 
read_groups_pcre. By default they would be .* which would allow reading 
from and posting to any newsgroup. For a post only server one would add

    read_groups_pcre = !.*

which would be the not of everything, or nothing, so nothing gets 
posted. This way there wouldn't need to be a noread option.

In my case of the post only server to which I want to send only certain 
groups I would have

    post_groups_pcre = ^alt\.binaries\..*

Also, only_groups_pcre could still exist and just be a shorthand for 
specifing the same regex for both read_groups_pcre and 
post_groups_pcre. For exmaple, in a server definition for 
news.spamcop.net, the line

    only_groups_pcre = ^spamcop\..*

would be the same as

    read_groups_pcre = ^spamcop\..*
    post_groups_pcre = ^spamcop\..*

This out be much more flexible than having nopost & noread and would 
obviate the need for feedtype=NONE.

What do you think?
Cory C. Albrecht
Courtesy is the lubricant of social interaction.
 -- Robert A. Heinlein

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