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[leafnode-list] transnexis.com trespasser unsubscribed


some of those of you who've recently posted on the list may have
received an unsolicited out-of-office autoreply from the transnexis.com
domain in response to your list post to their private mailbox.

Please apologize the inconvenience, that was of the kind that cannot be
prevented proactively but needs to be handled after the incident.

I have unsubscribed the offending address and checked that there are no
further transnexis.com subscribers.

The cause for the trouble is a malfunctioning mail software at
transnexis.com that

1. responded to a list mail (where it hadn't been in the To:/Cc:

2. responded to the From: address rather than the envelope sender

3. sent an automated mail with non-NULL envelope sender which is
   prohibited because it can lead to bounce "wars" between two mail

It is a shame that such happens in the domain of a "hoster". I direly
hope these problems were caused by the user's computers and not by the

I am Cc'ing the transnexis postmaster so they know something's wrong in
their systems.

Please remember that I do not allow list subscribers to harrass other
users of the list, trespassers will be unsubscribed without advance warning!

I have sent the offending user a note that I have unsubscribed him and
why, and asked that he not bother to re-subscribe before his mailer is

If you have any complaints, report to the transnexis.com postmaster.
If you have concerns, contact me off-list.


Matthias Andree

Encrypted mail welcome: my GnuPG key ID is 0x052E7D95 (PGP/MIME preferred)
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