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[leafnode-list] spooldir owner

Hey again,

fetnews nor leafnode are starting, i think this is a question of dirs owners.

here are the cnfigure summary :

=== configuration summary: (NONE is ok here and means the default) ===
prefix:      NONE
sysconfdir:  /etc/leafnode
spooldir:    /var/spool/news
With PAM:    no

giving dirs being news:71 (user:group)

in that case fetnews is starting but leafnode

if i correct to root:news (user:group) following : <http://leafnode.sourceforge.net/doc_en/leafnode.8.html>

nor fetchnews nor leafnode are starting

in my netinfo i do have :

users : news uid = 9 gid = 71

in following advice given "slrn + leafnode on Mac OS X Installation Howto" <http://www.kutilek.de/technik/news-macosx.en>

i don't understand where is my mistake :)


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