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RE: [leafnode-list] texpire failing to expire

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> Subject: Re: [leafnode-list] texpire failing to expire
> "Should get rid" is dangerous to use with leafnode-2's 
> texpire -- thanks
> to Stefan Wiens' contribution in 2001, it expires threads. This means:
> When a single article in a thread has been read within the expire
> period, the whole thread will be left on disk and it will not expire.
> OTOH, it isn't too likely a thread lasts for four months and 
> dominates a
> group for such a long time.

You obviously don't read alt.folklore.computers, regular home to "the longest thread ever"!  Seriously, if there was any group where this was likely to be valid, that would be it.  

I found empirically that I had to set an especially short groupexpire for a.f.c. to prevent it growing rather large for the small volume in which my spool resides, presumably because of this design.

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