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Re: [leafnode-list] texpire failing to expire

* John Carlyle- Clarke <john.cc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2004-09-10 09:14 +0100]:
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>> You obviously don't read alt.folklore.computers, regular home 
>> to "the longest thread ever"!  Seriously, if there was any 
>> group where this was likely to be valid, that would be it.  
> As an example, looking in there right now (you can't see this in Google,
> it tends to break the big threads up), I have a thread called
> "?Blinkenlights?" started on 23/5/2004, for which my server still holds
> the first message.  It has morphed into "Prisoners of War", "Heinlein &
> Preaching", "You can't argue with taste", "The later Asimov", "Amusing
> comments & such", "Guns", "Losing Colonies", "Linguistic Determinism",
> "Kingship rituals", and "Navigation history".  This thread is still going
> strong.
> I have 
> 	groupexpire = alt.folklore.computers 7 
> in my config file.

In alt.fan.robert-jordan, we have a thread with the (unchanging) subject
"The WELCOME BACK CONTRO Party Thread", which turns five on the 28th of this
month. Sometimes, like now, it's less active than at others, but I've had it
in my (1 month) spool continually since I rejoined that group in March,
2000. Google reports 5842 articles in it. Since the thread was started,
Contro has returned and left again, twice.
Joshua 'bruce' Crawford ... http://www.geocities.com/mortarn

"640k ought to be enough for anybody." -Bill Gates, 1981

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