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[leafnode-list] articles in out.going not deleted/moved after successful post

Hey gang,

I recently started playing with the latest development snapshot of leafnode
(2.0.0.alpha20040823b).  The problem I'm experiencing is that, after posting a
message to my leafnode server, then running fetchnews, the message in out.going
never gets removed, even after a successful post to my upstream.  Fetchnews
repeatedly tries to post the message again and again during successive runs
(though it complains that it's a "Duplicate article, treating as success"), and
still never removes it from out.going.  I don't think it's a permissions
problem, since I let leafnode's "make install" create my spool dir, and all the
permissions look fine.

Am I missing something here?  How/when are out.going posts actually supposed to
be removed?


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