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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Problem with deleted newsgroup

Berthold Höllmann schrieb am 2004-10-07:

> > Strange. http://www.dana.de/mod/checkgroups.txt lists the group, so
> > fetchnews -f should either have complained or added the group to the
> > groupinfo file.
> The group has been deleted recently (there was a post, that this
> should happen at 2004/09/04, see
> http://groups.google.de/groups?hl=de&lr=&group=de.comp.hardware.announce&selm=cha4ek.360.1%40news.pothe.de)
> The reason is given in
> http://groups.google.de/groups?hl=de&lr=&group=de.comp.hardware.announce&selm=Result-loeschung-de.comp.hardware.announce-27.08.2004%40dana.de

And the poll has my vote to nuke the group... how embarrassing.

OK, so the issue at hand is that you're seeing warnings for attempted
downloads of a deleted group. I'll see how I can fix this.

Matthias Andree

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