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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: How to modify what leafnode offers through XOVER ?

Reiner Steib <reinersteib+gmane@xxxxxxx> writes:

> On Sat, Oct 09 2004, Matthias Andree wrote:
> [ overview format ]
>> Seriously, are there any clients that can take advantage of more
>> information in the overview?
> | User-Agent: Gnus/5.110003 (No Gnus v0.3) Emacs/21.3 (gnu/linux)
>               ^^^^ :-)
> (info "(gnus)To From Newsgroups")

Haven't yet needed this. :-)

OK, there's a point, but leafnode's current format is fixed. I'm not
sure if/how I would change the overview format or make it extensible -
Gnus isn't exactly the most popular newsreader - although a very good

Matthias Andree

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