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[leafnode-list] Follow-up posts are lost?

Not sure where to look for this ...

Latest version of leafnode and slrn

Read a message that has crossposting. Click to post a quoted follow-up reply.
SLRN asks whether to set the FOLLOW-UP TO to this news group, post to all, or
post to just this one. Select the set FOLLOW-UP TO option. Write the reply and
post it. The slrn log shows the message. It goes to out.going correctly and
appears to post correctly. Nothing indicating problems in the logs.

However, it never returns (as far as I can tell) to the server. I did have the
create_all_links set to zero; have changed it to 1 now to see if that makes a
difference. Of course, the upstream news server could be messing up ...

Any ideas of where to look?

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