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Re: [leafnode-list] Follow-up posts are lost?

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:29:26 +0200, Matthias Andree wrote
> Has the upstream news server changed in that time?

No, there response came back today and says,

        Followup-To isn't the culprit.  That works fine (for proof, see
the headers of this post).  The problem arose because the article you
referenced was posted with the following header:

Newsgroups: alt.atheism,alt.agnosticism,talk.origins

        The group talk.origins is moderated.  So the post was received
successfully on our server--as you noted--and then our server dutifully
emailed it to the talk.origins moderator for approval.  It's not showing
up in the groups because it hasn't been processed by a moderator.

        Articles posted to multiple groups when one of the groups is
moderated are still subject to the moderation process before the article
will appear in any of the named groups.  There's really no other graceful
way to deal with that situation because of Message-ID collisions and other
such minutiae.  The best solution is to leave moderated groups off the
crosspost list and/or send the post separately to the moderated group.

Does this explanation sound correct to you?

> The upstream servers might discard articles that have illegal 
> domains in the Message-ID - Google have fixed some issues on their site
> recently. I'm not sure what changes exactly they made.

No, they are not checked. Other posts work OK.

> The angle brackets are mandatory for these commands.
> Try: HEAD <lk6q42-vb5.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Roger, I will remember that if I ever need to check on things in the future. 
Did not see that when I did a help while connected to the upstream server.

> If you're posting an article and editing the text takes longer than 
> 900 s, this is "normal".

If I am editing in vim called from slrn, how will leafnode even be aware of 
the fact that I am posting or replying to a post? Does slrn notify leafnode 
that a posting is taking place even before it is released? What happens if 
one is going to post and changes their mind and simply aborts the edit?

Based on the reply from newscene, it would appear the puzzle is resolved? 
Still, how does a poster entering a reply know that one of the groups listed 
is a moderated list? Had I known about talk.origins, I would have definitely 
removed it from the post.

Thank you for your assistance.

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