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Re: [leafnode-list] Preventing crossposting to a local group?

Matthias Andree said:
> You needn't run fetchnews if you only offer local groups, it suffices
> to only run texpire occasionally to purge old posts, if that is desired.

But the posted article is still sitting in the "in.coming" folder.  How
do I get it to appear in the newsgroup spool?  If I try to read the
group, it shows no articles.

Normally, how does an article leave the "in.coming" folder and end up
in the local news spool?

> You may want to set the groupexpire according to documentation to
> prevent expiry at all and run texpire nonetheless because it is
> currently also a spool validator tool.
> I am not sure if leafnode complains about an incomplete active file
> then
> though.

I'll follow these suggestions.  Thank you.

But first, I need to get the article out of "in.coming".

 Lloyd Zusman
 God bless you.

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