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Re: [leafnode-list] Bug report for 2.0.0.alpha20041227a.tar.bz2 (and newer?)

Matthias Andree wrote:

Frank Wein <mcsmurf@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

i think i found a little bug with local newsgroups. When i create a local newsgroups and post 3 articles to it, i get for the GROUP command this:
211 3 1 4 local.test1 group selected
Now when i (or my newsreader ;) wants to retrieve the first article with ARTICLE 1, i get "No such article: 1". But if i just type in ARTICLE, i get the first article (which is the Leafnode placeholder message). Maybe leadnode should just return for example
211 3 2 4 local.test1 group selected
here or serve the placeholder for the ARTICLE 1 command?

Happy new year.
You too.

As written a few days ago, local groups have no placeholders.

Please try 20050102a and let me know if it fixes your problem - it seems
fine in my tests; run texpire after the installation so it can fix the
existing groups' counts.
It seems almost fixed. texpire fixed the problem for the one test group i already posted in. Now i posted to the group local.test2 (which i already created before with the old build) and posted there, the output from GROUP command was wrong again. texpire fixed the problem here. But this is no big problem, since this bug doesn't seem to happen if i create a local group with the new build.

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