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[leafnode-list] Behind-the-scenes cancelation in a local group.

I'm using leafnode to manage a local group.  Today, one of the
participants in that group contacted me and asked me if I could
cancel an improperly posted message that was written by another
individual.  The poster of that article couldn't be reached, and the
person who wrote me asked me, as the admin of the server, if I could
cancel the offending article in that local group.

As it turns out, the original poster managed to cancel the article
through the normal nntp cancelation procedure, but now I'm curious
as to how I could have done that myself.

Given that I have root on the server and therefore full access to
the leafnode installation tree, what are the recommended steps that
I should take to go into the leafnode news spool and cancel a given
article in a local group?

Thanks in advance.

 Lloyd Zusman
 God bless you.
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