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[leafnode-list] Re: empty groups not staying in interesting groups list

On 2005-01-07, Brian Sammon penned:
> I have a couple of groups that I'm subscribed to that are so low-traffic
> that all the messages in the group may expire before any new ones come in.
> My news client does a "LIST ACTIVE <groupname>" every day when I run it, but
> apparently that is not enough to keep an empty group in the
> interesting.groups list.  Poking around at the code, I see that this is
> related to a function in nntpd.c, is_pseudogroup().  According to this
> function, an empty folder is a pseudogroup.  leafnode then decides that a
> pseudogroup doesn't need to have its interesting.groups entry updated.
> So, if I want empty groups to stay "interesting", I see two ways to fix
> this: 1) hack things so empty groups are not pseudogroups.  2) hack things
> so pseudogroups are treated just like regular groups as far as
> interesting.groups is concerned.
> Which of these is better, or is there a 3rd option I've overlooked?
> P.S.  3) change the expiration date on these low volume groups-- I don't
> like this option.

I don't know if you've tried this already or if it applies to pseudogroups,
but I have the following as a cron job:

@daily  /usr/bin/touch_newsgroup -f /home/monique/newsgroups

Where the file specified is a list of newsgroups.


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