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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems with reading from newsgroups (501 no such list available)

On Monday 07 February 2005 05:37, Gino Filicetti wrote:
> I've been using leafnode for over a year without a hitch, and
> recently, I started getting this error which I can't for the life of
> me resolve.

> What happens is that when I run fetchnews either as the "news" user or
> as root, I get the same output.

> Here is what I see when running fetchnews -vvv

> leafnode 1.9.29.rel: verbosity level is 3
> Trying to connect to newsgroups.comcast.net:nntp ... connected.
> newsgroups.comcast.net: 0 articles posted
> Getting all newsgroups from newsgroups.comcast.net
> Reading newsgroups descriptions failed: 501 no such list available.
> Reading server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/newsgroups.comcast.net
> Disconnected from newsgroups.comcast.net.

> I don't understand why the "501 no such list available" error is
> occuring, I have never seen it before until now.

It means that their news server doesn't have such a list. I've tried
to connect to that server but it requires authentication. On my
ISP's news server, I can telnet to it's nntp port (119) and run an
interactive session. It supports a "help" command that lists all
acceptable/supported commands. So does my local leafnode2.

See if your server supports "list newsgroups"

> I tried adding a line to /etc/leafnode/config
> nodesc=1

Did you add this immediately after the corresponding server
declartion? Leafnode2 man page says:
nodesc = 1
(Note spaces)

I don't remember the parseable format variations.

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