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[leafnode-list] PLEASE TEST: leafnode 1.11 release candidate #3 w/ IPv6


I have just let release candidate #3 of leafnode-1.11.0 out, grab it at

It fixes (hopefully) Sourceforge Bug #1161551, "#" characters could not
be parts of passwords or usernames.

Please do test this release candidate, so we know if it works for you -
the IPv6 change is a bit sensitive on odd systems, and a major component
of the configuration parser had to be rewritten to support the quoted

IF you have tested this code, drop me a short mail saying that it worked
for you or it has not worked for you (preferably with error messages
From screen or log), and include the output of "uname -a".


Noteworthy changes:

- fetchnews now supports IPv6 (this causes the version bump to 1.11)

- the configuration parser now supports quoted strings on the right-hand
  side, so that # can be used in passwords. See the section
  CONFIGURATION in leafnode(8) for details.


Matthias Andree

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