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RE: [leafnode-list] leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20050324a snapshot availa ble

I built and RPM and successfully tested local newsgroups on Mandrake 10.1
for an i686 platform after making the previously noted change for making an

I moved the entire spool over from a leafnode-2.0b8_ma10pre3.2 installation
and ran texpire -r before attempting to use leafnode.  It returned very
quickly - almost as though nothing happened.

The only oddity is that all of my empty groups show (1) unread message,
but no messages are listed.  Any quick ideas about what to do about them.
I notice that since there are no posted messages, that the group hierarchy
directories have not yet been created.

IE. The package was compiled to put the spooldir at /home/news.  Group
vcsd.bluesky has no messages so /home/news/vcsd/bluesky does not yet exist.

groupinfo has:

vcsd.bluesky    y       1       1	1061993644      Blah blah blah

local.groups has:

vcsd.bluesky    y       Blah blah blah

I would have expected to see the dummy message instead of no message.  The
config file is as packaged except for the expire setting.  Any ideas?

Kevin R. Bulgrien
Product Engineer

General Dynamics C4 Systems                   http://www.tripointglobal.com/
1915 Harrison Road                                    Tel: 903-295-1480 x288
Longview, TX 75604-5438                               Fax: 903-295-1479
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