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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20050324a snapshot availa ble

"Bulgrien, Kevin" <Kevin.Bulgrien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I built and RPM and successfully tested local newsgroups on Mandrake 10.1
> for an i686 platform after making the previously noted change for making an
> I moved the entire spool over from a leafnode-2.0b8_ma10pre3.2 installation
> and ran texpire -r before attempting to use leafnode.  It returned very
> quickly - almost as though nothing happened.

If your entire spool fits into RAM and you moved the spool across a
partition boundary, then a quick texpire -r is NO reason for concern,
same if the spool is small.

> The only oddity is that all of my empty groups show (1) unread
> message,


> but no messages are listed.  Any quick ideas about what to do about them.
> I notice that since there are no posted messages, that the group hierarchy
> directories have not yet been created.

> groupinfo has:
> vcsd.bluesky    y       1       1	1061993644      Blah blah blah

This is something inherited from an older internal leafnode structure,
newer versions would create

vcsd.bluesky    y       0       1	1061993644      Blah blah blah

Fixing this should be easy. If you've got Perl installed,
type these two commands:

perl -ple 's/(\S+\t\S+)\t1\t1\t(.*)/\1\t0\t1\t\2/' \
  -i /var/spool/news/leaf.node/groupinfo


The perl command will change in-place all lines from 1 1 to 0 1 as the
current version expects, this should fix the group article counts.

> local.groups has:
> vcsd.bluesky    y       Blah blah blah
> I would have expected to see the dummy message instead of no message.

You will not see the dummy message for local groups, they are always
available and not subject to the (un)subscription magic - offering the
pseudo message is not required for local groups.

Matthias Andree
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