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Re: [leafnode-list] posting local

Nollaig MacKenzie wrote:

On 2005.04.08 20:39:12, you,
the extraordinary Roi Dayan, opined:

Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 20:39:12 +0300
From: Roi Dayan <roi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: leafnode-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [leafnode-list] posting local


When I post local message and run fetchnews.
It only past it to my feed server but not to my local server.
my config is:
server =
timeout_short = 28
timeout_long = 29
server=news.some.server.com     CHANGE NOPOST TO
nopost = 1				nopost = 0
			nopost = 0 <=> PERMIT posting

But i dont want to post to news.some.server.com
I post to the server below (news.some.other.server.com)
and I also want fecthnews to straight post to doesnt have nopost=1.


noread = 1

when I post news on my local server , i run fetchnews and the message
gets to the some.other.server but not to local till a 2nd fetchnews is used and then it like fetches news from the some.server after that one got it off some.other.server.

is it should be like this ?
doesnt fetchnews also should post the local posted news straight to also ?


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