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Re: [leafnode-list] posting local

Roi Dayan <roi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hey
> When I post local message and run fetchnews.
> It only past it to my feed server but not to my local server.
> my config is:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> server =
> timeout_short = 28
> timeout_long = 29
> server=news.some.server.com
> nopost = 1

So this is for pulling news.

> server=news.some.other.server.com
> noread = 1

This is for posting only.

> ------------------------------------------------------------
> when I post news on my local server , i run fetchnews and the message
> gets to the some.other.server but not to local till a 2nd fetchnews is 
> used and then
> it like fetches news from the some.server after that one got it off 
> some.other.server.

fetchnews to server= is pointless - and unless you've set
"no_direct_spool", posted articles appear on the local server
directly. You may need to close and re-open your newsreader, depending
on how much caching it does.

You should probably remove the "server =" line from your

If you see further problems, reconfigure your syslog.conf to capture
news logging (see README.html or README), have syslogd reload its
configuration and check the log, or use "fetchnews -evvv".

Matthias Andree
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