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Re: [leafnode-list] Expire command doesn't seem to be working

> Lloyd Zusman <ljz at asfast.com> writes:
>> I'm using leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20050102a.
> Not quite up to date, there have been texpire fixes although they were
> officially unrelated. Not sure if they could resolve your problem as a
> side effect.

Thanks.  I'll upgrade a little later to the newest version.

>> The 'expire' parameter in my config file seems to either be ignored or
>> misinterpreted.  I have the following setting:
>>   expire = 90
>> However, messages stay around for three times this long, that is,
>> exactly 270 days, before they expire.
> In groups that have long-lasting discussion threads, it may be necessary
> to use texpire -a (expire article-based rather than thread-based) to get
> rid of older articles; some groups are known to have threads that least
> well over a year, and only if the newest article in the thread is older
> than "expire" will the thread expire without texpire's -a option.
> If texpire -a does NOT help, let me know.

I had overlooked the '-a' option, and now I'm running with it.
However, earlier today I manually expired all articles older than 90
days, and therefore, I won't be able to know until a few days from
now as to whether this option is working for me.

But since I hadn't been using it before, I'm optimistic that its use
will now fix my problem.

I'll post back here in a few days to let you know whether things are
now working.

Thanks again for your help.

 Lloyd Zusman
 God bless you.
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