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[leafnode-list] Segmentation fault in texpire 20050412


I've been having some problems recently with one particular server, 
where old posts keep getting reloaded as new posts by leafnode.  I've 
also been seeing messages about damaged groupinfo file, which a 
fetchnews -f doesn't cure.  I even tried deleting the file in 
leaf.node for the server in quesion, but no joy.

Since I was running an old Alpha version, I decided to update to the 
current one (20050412).  Having done so, texpire stops with a 
segmentation fault.  I'm not sure if this is because of the state of 
my spool or not.

Here is a stack trace (I hope I did this right)...

#0  0x804ab89 in doexpiregroup (g=0x0, n=0x8071780 "", expire=
1112886914) at texpire.c:773
#1  0x804afdd in expiregroups () at texpire.c:918
#2  0x804b51d in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff6f4) at texpire.c:1101

Does this help pin dowm the problem, or do I need to provide more 



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