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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode 1.11.3

Matthias Andree wrote:

Roi Dayan <roi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

hostname = news.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com
expire = 31
maxfetch = 1000
timeout_short = 28
timeout_long = 29

server = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nopost = 1
noread = 0
initialfetch = 100

Please check the contents of the interesting.groups/ directory (usually
below /var/spool/news or /var/spool/leafnode), if it's empty, you need
to "read" some of the placeholder articles (OK, once you've read one,
you know all, but be sure to have them displayed in full text) in the
groups - see the README.

it was empty. I didnt understand, what to use mean "read" some of the placeholder ?

according to readme it says to put empty files of groups i want to read
so i did touch groupname


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