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Re: [leafnode-list] missing something

On Wednesday 06 July 2005 09:18, Jack wrote:
> Attempting to get leafnode running, but am missing something, not sure
> what, but it has to do with telnetd. Installed telnetd, iptables,
> kmyfirewall, bind. When I attempt to run telnetd -debug I get "telnetd:
> bind: Address already in use".

I'm assuming that you've got leafnode connecting to an upstream
server and everything else is running fine; except your news reader
cannot connect.

Install xinetd or inetd if they're not already installed. In
xinetd.d you then install a file called nntp to correspond to the
NNTP port service.

That file consists of
	service nntp
		flags           = NAMEINARGS NOLIBWRAP
		socket_type     = stream
		protocol        = tcp
		wait            = no
		user            = news
		server          = /usr/sbin/tcpd
		server_args     = /usr/local/sbin/leafnode
		instances       = 7
		per_source      = 3
on my system; but you should make sure that it points to the correct
leafnode executable on yours. 

If your xinetd is already running, force it to reload its
configuration (e.g. rcxinetd reload) to make the changes take
effect. I don't know if the rcxinetd will work with your distro. If
it doesn't, find the PID of the xinetd server (perhaps it's in
/var/run/xinetd.pid) and send it a HUP signal.

leafnode has nothing to do with telnetd. Remove it unless you
*really* need it for something else. My guess is that you don't.

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