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Re: [leafnode-list] missing something

Bernd Felsche wrote:

>On Wednesday 06 July 2005 09:18, Jack wrote:
>>Attempting to get leafnode running, but am missing something, not sure
>>what, but it has to do with telnetd. Installed telnetd, iptables,
>>kmyfirewall, bind. When I attempt to run telnetd -debug I get "telnetd:
>>bind: Address already in use".
>I'm assuming that you've got leafnode connecting to an upstream
>server and everything else is running fine; except your news reader
>cannot connect.
>Install xinetd or inetd if they're not already installed. In
>xinetd.d you then install a file called nntp to correspond to the
>NNTP port service.
>That file consists of
>	service nntp
>	{
>		flags           = NAMEINARGS NOLIBWRAP
>		socket_type     = stream
>		protocol        = tcp
>		wait            = no
>		user            = news
>		server          = /usr/sbin/tcpd
>		server_args     = /usr/local/sbin/leafnode
>		instances       = 7
>		per_source      = 3
>	}
>on my system; but you should make sure that it points to the correct
>leafnode executable on yours. 
>If your xinetd is already running, force it to reload its
>configuration (e.g. rcxinetd reload) to make the changes take
>effect. I don't know if the rcxinetd will work with your distro. If
>it doesn't, find the PID of the xinetd server (perhaps it's in
>/var/run/xinetd.pid) and send it a HUP signal.
>leafnode has nothing to do with telnetd. Remove it unless you
>*really* need it for something else. My guess is that you don't.
No luck, might be because I really don't know what

NAMEINARGS means, should I type in nameinargs, or replace it with something?
I installed telnetd because one of the tests is to telnet to jack(my hostname) 119.
Thanks for your time.

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