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Re: [leafnode-list] Upgrade to 1.11.3.rel-2 (Debian pkg) has brought back processes that don't stop.

Adam Funk <adam00f@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Last month under the heading "Can't get leafnode to work with news 
> servers that work with clients" I reported a problem with the fetchnews 
> process failing to terminate (even though it wasn't doing anything) and 
> consequently leaving the lockfile.
> I upgraded to 1.11.3.rel-1 and this fixed the problem.  I just recently 
> upgraded to 1.11.3.rel-2 (without changing anything in my 
> configuration) and the same problem  started happening again.

Interesting. According to the Debian changelog, only the debconf text
translations have changed.

> For now I've downgraded back to 1.11.3.rel-1.  Should I file a Debian 
> bug report?

The debug method is still the same. Please try to get the 1.11.3.rel-2
source package, compile it with debug information - default unless you
override CFLAGS to not contain "-g" or LDFLAGS to contain "-s" (perhaps
ask the Debian maintainer for help) and then obtain a stack backtrace
("backtrace full" in gdb) from a hanging fetchnews process and send me
the backtrace, along with your configuration file (passwords removed!).

If you have debug logging in your syslog file, please show me the last
lines before the hang.

Matthias Andree
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