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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode + Gnus: all articles marked as "read"

Torsten Bronger schrieb am 2005-07-11:

> I don't know whether this is a Gnus or Leafnode problem: I switched
> from "direct conncet" to Leafnode 1.10.3.rel yesterday.  Fetchnews

If it's really 1.10.3, update to 1.11.3. If the problem persists, see
README for how to reconfigure syslog to capture news log output, and
check the logs if there's any warning or error that might hint to the
problem. Logging about stale lock files is one such problem that you
should also look for.

> was called every 5 minutes, and in effect Gnus got new news really
> fast (because it didn't have to look up itself).  It *seemed* to
> work fine.
> However, this was probably because I checked for news very
> frequently.  When I left the system for a couple of hours, came
> back, and checked for new articles, they were there, but marked as
> read!  Only one group had one unread posting.

Strange. I'd expect fetchnews to work properly.

> May it be a problem with article numbers?  My config file is almost
> completely commented-out, only the servers are set.

There MAY be a problem if you switch servers (from your RWTH
Aix-la-Chapelle news server to leafnode) without resetting your Gnus
article cache, in case you have cached articles, their article numbers
are treated as seen, and if you have cached article 12345 and the group
has articles 4-99, Gnus, after catchup, will treat articles 4-12345 as
seen :-/


Matthias Andree
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