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Re: [leafnode-list] Can't post to my leafnode

Anastasios Papadopoulos wrote:

> I installed leafnode leafnode-1.10.4.rel through urpmi on a Linux Mandrake 
> 10.1. Everything went ok, I configured it with one news server (for our lan) 
> and I can see all posts on the groups I subscribed to. BUT I can't post... I 
> mean I do post (using Mozilla Thunderbird), I can see my posts when 
> fetchnews -Pvv but they never reach the news server (waited 2 days with 
> fetchnews every 30 mins). Did I forget something?


be sure to use the Mandriva security updates to get bugfixed leafnode
versions. For details, please see their advisory:

Then, check the hostname setting of your computer, if it has a
fully-qualified host name, that is OK. See one of the README-FQDN*
documents (same content, different formats) for details.

If that doesn't help, please adjust your syslog.conf (see README),
signal syslogd, then run fetchnews -Pvv and see if any errors appear in
the log.


Matthias Andree
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