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[leafnode-list] fetchnews per group/s

Matthias Andree wrote:

Roi Dayan wrote:

can i run somehow fetchnews for group X while another fetchnews process
for rest of my groups.
cause group X i fetch from a very slow server while others are from
faster server.
so while fetchnews takes long time to fetch news per some time another
fetchnews process can be runned
multiple times in that time period and fetch rest of the groups beside
group X.

right now one process for all groups and when fetching group X from the
slow server it takes like an hour
or more before another fetchnews process will start, in the mean time
more news posted to the other groups
which i can fetch fast anyway.

With leafnode-2 (alpha), you can use the fetchnews -S and -N options to
limit the fetch operation to a particular server or newsgroup pattern

With leafnode-1.*, you can only put the fast server as the first entry
in your configuration file and use fetchnews -l (poll just the first
server) and then fetchnews without the -l option (poll all servers).

this wont help, I ment that I want while fetchnews process fetch news slowly from server X another fetchnews process is running fetching news from server X2 , after its done its running again
and again, while X still in first process.


Matthias Andree

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