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Re: [leafnode-list] feature request for fetchnews

Roi Dayan <roi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in June 2005:

> can fetchnews have a dynamic option of max sizes of messages allowed for 
> retrival ?
> I want this so my crontab will first get all small messages quickly and 
> then I'll run it again
> to fetch all the rest of the messages.
> this way i could read some normal text posts while it fetches the binaries.

This feature request has riped a bit, but I must say it's a bit
delicate: fetchnews relies on fetching articles in order, so we'd either
have to concoct something around the -x option (which will become rather
inefficient quickly) or use a separate file to track larger articles, or
it could reuse the existing delaybody scheme and record all skipped
articles to the interesting.groups files - which will also become

I must say I am not particularly fond of leafnode being used as binary
server, as Usenet is rather ill-suited for binaries - there are much
better transports available, with varying degrees of anonymity.

Matthias Andree
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