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Re: [leafnode-list] help with filtering

Roi Dayan <roi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> how can i tell fetchnews to fetch only articles that thier subject match 
> *name* from group X ?

This isn't possible with leafnode-1's filtering. group-specific filters
are supported in leafnode-2 alpha versions only.

Roi Dayan <roi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> can this work for me to get articles from group X only with subject Y ?
> ^Newsgroups:^[^alt\.binaries\.bla$] ^Subject:^[^.Tripping the Rift.$]

Unfortunately, this will not work, for various reasons. One is that you
can only have one ^ anchor in a regexp and it must be the absolutely
first character, all other (between : and [) will be treated as literals
- but there must be a space after the header name, not a caron
(^). Next, [anything_here] matches a single character. You may have some
success with PCRE's negative lookahead assertions (see the PCRE manual
pages), but they are somewhat difficult to use, and will not enable you
to filter a combination of Newsgroups/Subject, as leafnode-1 only sees
one header at a time.

Matthias Andree
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