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Re: [leafnode-list] Common direcoty header for groups

Werner Geuens wrote:

> is it possible to set a common header for the group dirs, in a way similar to 
> the "message.id" directory? It would clear up the structure, and ease making 
> stats/searches/etc.. trough the groups.

It would undoubtedly, but it would at the same time break existing
setups. So Leafnode 1.X will not change this.

But it's not as bleak as it might look at first glance: when mapping
newsgroup name to file system name, leafnode maps all dots to slashes,
i. e. the components of a group name make up the directory tree. On the
other hand, all leafnode-internal directories have a period in their
name. This guarantees that there are no collisions between group
directories and leafnode-internal directories (which are rooted at the
top-level exclusively in the current leafnode versions, although this
may change for leafnode-2.)

I think moving everything to a common subdirectory such as news.articles
would be feasible with minor code changes, and I'd considered doing this
for a future leafnode-2 snapshot.

For the time being, use - for instance - this command to print all group

find /var/spool/news -name '*.*' -prune -or -type d -print

This prunes all directories with a dot from the output and prints
everything else that is a directory. If you want article files instead,
use -type f instead of -type d (careful, that's going to become a long
listing, several thousand lines usually).

I hope this helps for the nonce. If it doesn't, please describe what
you're trying to do in more detail, perhaps someone has a good idea how
to solve it.


Matthias Andree
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