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Re: [leafnode-list] Common direcoty header for groups

Werner Geuens schrieb am 2005-08-16:

> Nothing fancy:
> - using "tree -d" to get an overview what groups exist on my server

Hm. texpire has a primitive to get such a list, perhaps this could be

> - getting the space used per group, using:
>     "du -Shm /var/spool/news/ | sort -nr | head -n 15 ; echo ; df -h"

du -Shk /var/spool/news/ | grep -v \\. | sort -nr | head -n 15

This reads a bit more than desired but works. Otherwise, refer to the
find command from my earlier message.

> - building stats per group of arrivals, to fine-tune the expiration settings
> etc...


Matthias Andree
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